We should introduce ourselves. My name is Larry McDonnell, I will provide the technical information, and my partner on this project is Charles Getchell. Charles will be giving you practical case studies he has incorporated in his classroom over the past few years. These examples will show you how to use technology in your classroom. Say hello Charles.

Hello, I am Charles. I am a college library director, a history instructor, and a father of four children. For a long time, I did not give it much thought, but these three 'professions' have something very real and very important in common. The tie that binds is technology. As my sons grow up, library resources evolve, and I look for new, innovative ways to teach my college students, I come back to technology--specifically the Internet, software packages, and computers. Leave it our children to keep us young, creative, and on our toes. Today, I find myself using the same basic techniques and approaches working with my sixth grade son as I do with American history students and the daily mix of users at the library reference desk. The needs are how to find information, how best to evaluate located materials, and how best to present text, data, and images in a completed project. "I can do this!" they all say when I offer assistance. In addition, I remind myself that "I can do this" too.

Thank you Charles, as the other person involved with this project, I, too, have an unusual background. I have degrees in teaching, computer science and I am working on my Masters in Instructional Technologies. I have spent over seventeen years of my career in the computer field. My experience has run the gambit from programmer to designer and implementer of complex computer systems and networks. I am currently part of the networking group at Yale University evaluating how new technologies will be part of their environment. Before this, I worked at Quinnipiac College with Charles. It was my responsibility to develop a network infrastructure to handle a student population of over 5,000 students. At the same time, I had to introduce the Internet to the campus and provide all the services that are a part of it, including E-Mail and Web technologies.