A new education directive is for teachers to incorporate computer technologies into their class work. There are pressures from the federal and state governments, school administrators and parents to achieve this goal, as well as, to continue to perform all the other normal duties of your profession.

I have created this manual in hopes of relieving some of this pressure. This manual is designed for teachers to help introduce technology into their classroom. This manual has a two-fold design, first as a reference guide for teachers who are already comfortable with technology and second as a complete guide for teachers to develop a comfort level as well as background technology information.

I also provide information for school administrator and your technical staff to deal with issues in creating this environment. There is background work and monitoring needed to keep a computer network up and running.

There are some ground rules the reader must understand before using this manual. The reader must have some basic working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system. These requirements are:

Since the introduction of the Internet, more people are willing to use a computer to experience the World Wide Web (WWW). To achieve this experience, they must perform the requirements mentioned above.

This manual has been in development for the past year. Some of the software used in this manual may have changed. These products may have changed their looks but the concepts have not. I hope you find this manual help and please be gentle, I am not a professional writer, but I felt this information needed to be written.